Earthquake in Gobi-Altai felt in neighboring aimag

2020-03-20 15:03:18

Khovd /MONTSAME/. Today, at 11:03:11am, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in the area, 30km southeast from Tonkhil soum of Gobi-Altai aimag.

This intense tremor was felt in some soums of Khovd aimag, the neighboring province of Gobi-Altai. In particular, Jargalant soum suffered around 3.0-4.0 magnitude while Tsetseg, Must, Altai, Uyench, Bulgan and Darvi soums of Khovd aimag were affected by 5.0-6.0 magnitude tremor.

Astronomy and geophysical researchers in Khovd aimag are working to determine the zones and intensity of the earthquake in detail.