Think Tank for Landlocked Developing Countries attends Asia Pacific Think Tank Summit

2019-11-12 13:26:09

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Mr. Erdenetsogt Odbayar, Executive Director of the Ulaanbaatar-based International Think Tank for Land Locked Developing Countries participated in the panel session of the Asia-Pacific Think Tank Summit titled ‘New Faces and New Ideas: The Diversity and Innovation Connection’ as a panelist on November 11 in the UN Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Panel featured a group of young and mature scholars and think tank executives who discussed the importance of diversity in their organizations and emphasize the important connection between diversity and innovation.

The panelists addressed issues such as what diversity means to them, how an organization can create a diverse and dynamic workplace that focus on gender, age, ethnic, political and religious diversity, why they chose to work at a think tank, what obstacles they encountered in the hiring process and advancing their career at a think tank, what perspectives on policy and organization innovation do they bring to their think tanks and the issues facing their countries, what specific recommendations would they suggest to improve the role and impact of think tanks, and most importantly, what recommendations would they make to improve the careers of ethnic and racial groups, women, young scholars and executives.

International Think Tank for Land Locked Developing Countries