Free early detection cancer tests to be offered for eligible people

2019-10-18 17:31:29

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On October 17, Parliament adopted bills on amendments to Law on Health and Law on Health Insurance. The amendments regulate public involvement in analyses and screening for early detection of different kinds of cancer free of charge. 

In particular, individuals aged 40 years or older and with hepatitis B and C virus infection and liver diseases are allowed to undergo an ultrasound test, tumor marker and biochemical test once a year and early detection screening for esophagus and stomach cancers early detection onetime. Also, women who are 30-60 years old will take early detection tests and analysis for cervical and breast cancers three times a year and men and women aged 50 years or older will undertake lung cancer screening examinations one time and colon and rectal cancers early detection tests biannually. 

The necessary funding for the prevention and early detection tests will be financed from the annual budget of the Health Insurance Fund and when the people belonging to the eligible groups do not take the scheduled tests on time, they will be required to pay for the tests by themselves. Around MNT 39.4 billion to be earmarked to the 2020 State Budget for implementation of the law amendments.