Expo Mongolia 2019 highlights eco-friendly technologies

2019-10-10 12:46:09

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ ‘Expo Mongolia 2019’ International Multisector and Mining Trade Fair and Conference was opened on October 9 at Misheel expo center under the motto ‘Green Technology and Investment. ’

‘Expo Mongolia’ project leader Karsten Pren opened the expo, being held for the 7th year. He remarked that Mongolia’s economic growth is expected to be remained stable in 2019-2020 and this is becoming one of the factors to attract investors’ attention.

“Mongolia is still dependent on its mining. Since environmental and ecological issues caused by mining have been arisen, there is necessity to introduce eco-friendly, economic efficient, up to date technologies in main sectors of Mongolian economy such as mining, agriculture, arable farming and other infrastructure sectors and learn from good practices of other countries. ‘Expo Mongolia’ would become an impetus to tackle it,” he added.

Deputy Head of Mongolia-German parliamentary group L.Bold and Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Jorn Rosenberg also addressed the conference. Heads of authorities and departments of corresponding Ministries of Environment and Tourism and Mining and Heavy Industry delivered presentations and had discussions on topics ‘Green technology and green loan’, ‘Water need prospect of cost-effective enrichment and processing plants.’

Though the Expo Mongolia highlights mining sector, mainly presenting mining technologies, equipment and devices, this time, the expo touches water management issues regarding climate change, which is in center of attention of world countries, involving foreign and domestic companies and entities that operate in this direction to the expo. Specifically, business delegation from Australia, Germany, Belarus, Slovak, Russia, the Republic of Korea, China and the United States are partaking in the expo, which will run for three days.

In addition, number of attendants to the Expo Mongolia has been increasing year to year and volume of investment deal made at the expo has increased by 35 percent, said the organizers. Machines, equipment and devices worth of EUR 31 million were supplied during Expo Mongolia 2018.