CNA's new documentary show explores Mongolia's role on Belt and Road Initiative

Art & Culture
2019-10-08 14:00:43

Ulaanbaatar /MOTSAME/ Channel News Asia TV (CNA), English language news channel based in Singapore, has recently released a new episode 'Dragon at The Doorstep' of its documentary series titled ‘The New Silk Road: Road to Russia’. 

Produced by Pearl Maria Forss and hosted by Anthony Morse, the show covers China's trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative that is already changing the world in profound ways, including an important part of the initiative - China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor.  

Part of a 4-part series featuring China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Russia, the second new episode focused on the Mongolia-China relations and role of Mongolia in the Belt and Road Economic Corridor as well as the impact of the initiative on Mongolia with travel to the country between China and Russia to discover spectacular new infrastructure projects. 

For the film that showcases the vibrant economy and nomadic culture of the country and one of the largest mining development of Mongolia-Tavan Tolgoi, the documentary team has interviewed Mongolian politicians, economic and geopolitical analysts, and prominent musicians and artists. 

The program ‘The New Silk Road: Road to Russia’ is a part of CNA TV documentary series ‘The New Silk Road’, which is a long running Award winning series that examines the impact of China’s rise. Previous awards include Best Documentary (International Affairs) at the New York TV Festival.  

The documentary team has traveled across the globe to 7 regions to investigate what the Silk Road means for individuals, companies and countries. The journey takes viewers from the future ports of China to naval bases in the Philippines, to safaris in Africa, wushu schools in Iran and ghettos in Greece.

CNA TV is a station viewed by millions in 29 territories across Asia with its satellite footprint stretching across Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

New Silk Road: Road to Russia’s new episode Mongolia: Dragon at The Doorstep is available to watch here