E-export project starts to export products at online platforms

2019-10-07 12:32:37

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Aimed at exporting Mongolian products to China and Southeast Asian countries at online trading platforms, ‘Cross-border online trade E-export’ project started from October 4.  

The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) and Representative Office of Bayannuur city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China are jointly realizing the project to facilitate works of national producers, who have willingness to deliver their products to millions of consumers using Chinese trading platforms such as Alibaba.comTaobao.com and WeChat.

“Our entities will supply their goods to E-export project unit and pay the fee. The MNCCI will be responsible for all other issues including customs clearance, transport, storing and payment. Mongolian wool and cashmere products, felt products, handicrafts and some food products are highly demanded at Chinese market. President of China Xi Jinping expressed to support export of Mongolian goods to China during his meeting with Mongolian President Kh.Battulga in April. Online trading market will not be limited only by China. Further, we are intending to enter into trading market of Russia and Germany. Within it, we held preliminary talks with the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the issue is being discussed at its Government level. We will present the project to the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in upcoming November,” CEO of the MNCCI T.Duuren said.

Deputy Director of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs T.Battsetseg noted that countries are promoting online trade. Any foreign trade runs with participation of several organizations such as customs agency and inspection agency. Improving coherence of these organizations will become an important support for our businesses. Last year the UN Economic and Social Council conducted a survey on Mongolia’s legal environment and technical condition of online trade. It is concluded that legal environment for online trade has not been created in Mongolia. They advised to adopt laws on online trading and information security urgently and to join an agreement on regional cross-border paperless trade. It is possible to upgrade legislation and technical environment of online trading using opportunities of regional multiparty agreements."