Przewalski’s horse relocation in photos

2019-10-02 14:03:49

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A photo exhibition ‘Przewalski’s horses through the lens of Director of Prague Zoo’ is opened today. President of the Czech Senate Jaroslav Kubera, Minister of Environment and Tourism N.Tserenbat and other officials attended the opening of the exhibition.

Mr. Miroslav Bobek, who is presenting his photo exhibition, is Director of the Prague Zoo and he has been organizing works to transport Przewalski’s horses to Mongolia in collaboration with the Czech Ministry of Defense. The Prague Zoo has made significant contribution to saving Przewalski’s horse as successfully transporting 34 head of Przewalski’s horses from Czech and other European countries by Czech army aircraft and reintroducing them in Great Gobi ‘B’ Strictly Protected Area, southern part of Mongolia.

During the opening of the exhibition, President of the Czech Senate Juroslav Kubera notified that the Czech side will collaborate with Mongolia in environment and tourism sector more and further organize works to relocate rare animals especially Przewalski’s horses in Mongolia.

Thanks to bilateral cooperation and huge efforts for saving Przewalski’s horse, a total of 725 head of Przewalski’s horses have been relocated in Mongolia, 280 of them are in Great Gobi ‘B’ Strictly Protected Area, over 360 are in Khustai Nuruu National Park and 85 are in Khom Steppe.

The exhibition comprised of photos related to the project on relocating Przewalski’s horse being implemented for the ninth time in Mongolia by the Prague Zoo, is open to the public and it is running at the exhibition hall of the Fresh Water Resources and Nature Conservation Center.