Mongolian University of Science and Technology to mark 60th anniversary in October

2019-09-30 10:12:48

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The historic 60th anniversary of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST) that started preparing professional workforce with higher academic degree, including engineering and technological specialists, upon the necessity toward the nation’s development will be celebrated in October 2019. 

The work to provide academic education of engineering and technological professions commenced with a decree of the Ministerial Council of the Mongolian People’s Republic of 1959 and specialized courses of construction engineer and industrial engineer–economic were newly established at the National University of Mongolia, launching the development path of the MUST to this day. 

Today, the MUST has grown into the biggest engineering and technological high education institution of Mongolia and a large center of science, technology and culture, consisting of 11 schools, business and engineering graduate level school, Kosen College of Technology, high school, four academic institutes, 46 training and research centers, with 18 ream of research professors, 20 thousand students, two thousand teachers and employees. 

The university, awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, has proved itself as a ground-breaker and leader of the higher education of Mongolia with its various reform and changes, such as introduction of academic credit system, information system of university administration, organization of professors’ teams, system of online education – a starting point of becoming an open university the CDIO innovative educational framework for producing the next generation of engineer and receiving international accreditation of higher education on its institutions and programs. 

Among the university’s former and current employees, there are hundreds of academicians, state award and price winners and distinguished personalities and a large number of labor heroes, honored individuals, business entrepreneurs and leaders of the engineering and technology industries have been from its thousands of alumnae throughout its sixty years of history of engineering education. 

Over 40 percent of its teachers hold academic degrees and titles and the MUST teachers and scholars regarded as innovators have been humbly engaged in research and analysis of the modern advanced fields of Nano, bio and geo- information technologies while mastering the advanced technologies and introducing them in the domestic production industries. Various areas of local industry of Mongolia have already benefited from their pioneering introduction of new technologies such as, food products and seabuckthorn processing and butter making equipment, cotton, wool processing and tannery technologies, apartment heating and energy saving appliances, traffic lights and so on. 

The foreign relations and cooperation of the MUST have expanded since its founding, with around 200 foreign universities, higher education institutions academic research organizations have established partnership contact. The MUST also organizes joint programs with more than 20 foreign universities of them. To date, over 80 thousand people graduated from the MUST, specializing in around 40 academic engineering and technologies’ professions. 

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the MUST, the university has published a six-volume book ‘Historical path of the MUST’ and 60 main textbooks of the university have been re-published to meet modern scientific education reform and standards. This stands, not only as works by the MUST and its teachers commemorating the university’s anniversary, but also as their significant contribution to the higher education development of Mongolia. 

Within the framework of the university’s goal to develop as a research-based university and build innovation infrastructure, a construction of a new center of academic and technological innovation center has been completed ready for putting into operation. The center will house leading laboratories of universities, startup companies, open education centers, MUST-Kosen College, the university’s museum, hall for international academic conference. 

As the role played by the universities is considered to be highly important during the current new era of industrial development, an international forum under the theme ‘’ will be organized on October 15 and 16. The event, to be held under the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports, is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the inception of academic degree specialists in the field if engineering and technology at the MUST. Heads of 24 foreign universities that actively cooperate with the MUST are set to take part in the forum.