Medical equipment provided to support maternal and newborn health service

2019-09-19 17:29:28

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. With funding of the project by the Government of Mongolia, Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and UNFPA Mongolia, aimed at improving maternity and infant health service in Mongolia through introduction of new technology and equipment, 11 types of maintenance and control equipment for medical services have been delivered to the Ministry of Health. The total cost of the equipment handed over to the Center for Health Development of the Ministry of Health and maternity and general hospitals of the country is MNT 179.7 million. 

Three types of measurement and monitoring products to conduct medical device testing of the Fluke Biomedical company of the USA, costing MNT 89.6 million, have been delivered to the Center for Health Development. Previously, the center used to conduct 14 types of medical device testing and thanks to the device and equipment, the center is now able to perform testing on more maternal health related medical device. 

In addition, four types of maintenance and safety equipment totaling MNT 90.1 million were given to maternity hospitals in Ulaanbaatar city and general hospitals in 21 aimags. The project also has presented tablet computers to medical engineers of 26 medical organizations in Mongolia in frames of the improvement of medical equipment system.