Joint Mongolian Language Resource Laboratory to be established

2019-09-19 16:56:12

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Language Resources and Inner Mongolia’s North East Asian Languages Resource Center held talks to expand their scientific cooperation. Vice President of MAS G.Chuluunbaatar and Director of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Language Resources Li Yumin signed on a memorandum.

The parties will collaborate within general topics such as structure of Mongolian language resource, studies on official  language policy of Mongolia and Altaic languages.

In frames of the cooperation, the sides will also set up joint Mongolian Language Resource Laboratory, national online database, create online database on multilingual terminology such as Mongolian, Russian and Chinese as well as create online map on Mongolian dialects and conduct studies within economic and cultural scope based on linguistics.

Furthermore, conditions will be created to mutually exchange scientific workers and students to get involved in trainings based on joint Mongolian Language Resource Laboratory and organize scientific conferences.

The Chinese side is ready to render support if Mongolian side put request, selected undergraduate, master’s and Ph. D students can get  scholarships to study at the Beijing Language and Culture University and Inner Mongolian universities in linguistics and other relevant fields.