E.Sodnompiljee renews world record

2019-09-13 13:42:48

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ 2019 Asian Classic and Equipped Bench Press Championship has been successfully held by Mongolian United Powerlifting Federation on September 6-12 in Ulaanbaatar.

Bronze medalist of Rio 2016 Paralympics, two times World Champion, State Honored Athlete E.Sodnompiljee renewed world record as lifting up 248 kg in men’s 105 kg raw event.  Mongolian athlete U.Maamchuluun who competed in senior division also won two golds by lifting 140 kg in men equipped 93 kg event as well as 120 kg in men classic 93 kg respectively.

More than 200 athletes of 8 countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, India, Kazakhstan, Arab, Syria, Russia and Mongolia competed in sub-junior, junior, open and masters events.

Kazakhstan’s athlete Vertmiller Kirill shared his impression that I arrived in Mongolia for the first time and I really enjoyed staying in Ulaanbaatar city. I am grateful for the well organization of the tournament. I am happy with claiming silver medal at the championship. I know that Mongolian athletes are very powerful and there are many top athletes who recognized in the continent and the world. They are our main opponents.   

Secretary General of the Mongolian United Powerlifting Federation D.Battulga said "Several power lifters who challenged their power in the championship have set new continent and world records. Among them, State Honored Athlete E.Sodnompiljee could renew world record. This is a great success. I am expressing my gratitude to all organizations and people who assisted in organizing the tournament successfully at home."

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