First Mongolia-China Bird Fair held

2019-09-09 16:29:19

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The first Mongolia and China Bird Fair was held on September 7-8 in National Garden Park, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The joint fair is significant to increase participation of people of the two countries to study, conserve and promote non-migrating and migratory birds that reproduce in Mongolia and pass the winter in China as well as encourage youths to be a preservationist. Moreover, individuals and organizations that operate in directions of studying, conserving and promoting birds took part in the event actively in aims of improving cooperation between researchers and developing birdwatching tourism.

Birdwatching tour, introduction of birdwatching and photography equipment, hand painting and photo exhibitions, various activities for children were included in the fair agenda. During the opening of the fair, the Chinese part presented bird watching equipment to students of the 4th secondary school of the capital city.

“There are 513 species of birds are registered in Mongolia and over 80 percent of them migrate. Mongolia, China and the Republic of Korea locate on the same route where birds migrate. Therefore, studying and conserving birds is a collaboration. More than 30 Chinese ornithologists and representatives of some 50 organizations took part in the event from Mongolia. We aimed to promote bird conservation to public, especially youths and give information through this event”, Director of Mongolian Ornithological Society and Professor at the National University of Mongolia S.Gombobaatar said.   

“I am visiting Mongolia for the first time. Mongolian blue sky directly caught my eyes. This is a chance for bird-watchers of two countries to introduce with each other, share experiences and broaden collaboration in the future. There are over a million people, who have fond of watching birds in our country. Most of them want to watch birds in Mongolia. I want to watch all the birds which are available to observe in Mongolia,” said head of ‘Cun can xin environmental protection society and bird researcher Jang Tsun Xu.  

After the fair, Mongolian and Chinese bird ornithologists are making birdwatching tour in Ugii Lake, Khustai Range and Gorkhi Terelj National Park, which are main migration routes for Mongolian birds.

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