‘Khanbogd ROBO 2019’ international competition kicks off

2019-07-23 15:03:49

Umnugobi /MONTSAME/. The Khanbogd ROBO 2019 international competition kicked off in Khanbogd soum yesterday on July 22. With aims of preparing the future generations of engineers, and helping them develop, the competition is being organized for the first time in the region, where engineers are in high demand.

Over 110 children of Mongolia and the Republic of Korea are participating in the competition taking place until July 24.

Since 2011, the international competition has been organized four times in Ulaanbaatar, and four times in other aimags throughout the country. As for this year, it is being organized for the first time in Khanbogd soum, along with financial assistance from Oyu Tolgoi.