International military horse racing event to take place in Mongolia

2019-07-22 16:49:09

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The ‘Aravt’ international military horse racing event is to take place for the first time in Mongolia between August 3 and 8.

Organized in the framework of the International Army Games 2019, the event will have two stages at the General Training Center of the Armed Forces located in Tavan Tolgoi. With the military personnel of China and Zimbabwe as spectators, soldiers of eight countries such as Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan will be competing in the horse racing event.

The team of the Mongolian Armed Forces is currently preparing for the event, while the team of Russia has recently finished their training at home and have arrived in Mongolia. The ‘Aravt’ international military horse racing event is unique for having the military personnel of eight countries race on Mongolian horseback.

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