Women MPs meet with representatives in the parliament of Bhutan

2019-06-27 15:05:37

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Head of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Policy, Education, Culture and Science, MP D.Oyunkhorol and MP B.Undarmaa met with female members of the parliament of the Kingdom of Bhutan on June 26.


As a head of women’s group in the parliament, D.Oyunkhorol thanked the Bhutan’s delegates for visiting Mongolia, bringing relations and inter-parliamentary cooperation between Mongolia and Bhutan to a new level.

They shared experiences with Bhutanese MPs on how women MPs work in the Mongolian parliament and how they are acknowledged by electors while highlighting that the current Parliament has 13 female MPs or the highest number of female MPs ever. 

The MPs also introduced how they are initiating bills and fulfilling certain actions on violence against women and children and on health and education sectors.

For their part, Bhutan’s female members emphasized that Women-Leadership international forum was successfully held in Mongolia. The delegates highlighted that women members of upper house and lower house of the Parliament of Bhutan cooperate closely and join efforts regardless of their party membership. 


“We are seeing that women MPs of the Mongolian parliament actively work, paying attention on many issues. We are contented at learning experiences from you,” the delegates added.  


In conclusion, the sides expressed commitment to develop close cooperation further.