Test study to define effective method for evaluation wraps up

2019-05-31 16:19:55

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. With the support of the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Center for Mental Health has successfully completed a test study for the evaluation of the articles to create a cigarette-free environment and ban cigarette advertisements, support and sponsorship in the Law on Tobacco Control using a new smartphone based technology developed by WHO. 

One country was selected from each of the 6 regions in the world for the study, with Mongolia being selected for the Western Pacific Region. The study was conducted in aims of finding out the more effective method of two ways: have experienced researchers conduct the study and conduct the study by promoting it to citizens.

While the first phase of the study was conducted by trained researchers using the application, TobaccoSpotter, on the national level in November and December of 2018, the second phase involved the citizens who installed the application to do the survey, which was done between February to April 30 in 2019.

With representatives of each of the countries selected to participate in the study presenting the results, the final report meeting took place in New York, USA on May 12-17. Specialist in charge of non communicable diseases at the WHO Representative’s Office in Mongolia S.Bolormaa and Deputy Director of the National Center for Medical Health V.Bayarmaa participated in the meeting.