Russian pediatricians organize seminar

2019-05-28 13:55:07

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. In accordance with the year of 2019 announced as the year to support the assistance and service for mothers and children by the Health Department of the Capital City, Professor of the Pediatric Illness and Infections Studies Department at the Irkutsk State Medical University Gomellya Marina Vladimirovna and Candidate of Medical Science Ptichkana Oksana Ivanovna conducted a seminar on May 17-22 by the invitation of Bayanzurkh Hospital.

Pediatricians of Gobi-Altai aimag, National Maternal and Child Health Center, health centers of Bayanzurkh and Khan-Uul districts as well as Allergy Med Hospital attended the seminar that took place for four days, in which their knowledge and skills for the treatment of children’s lungs, digestive system and blood disorders were enhanced.