Mazaalai protection issues discussed

2019-05-14 12:05:09

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On May 13, an international conference on mazaalai or gobi bear conservation and public participation was held at the National University of Mongolia (NUM) with involvement of international scholars and representatives of NGOs engaged in bear research and conservation.

During the conference, it was emphasized that mazaalai protection is a responsibility of every Mongolian as now there are just less than 50 Gobi bears in Mongolia. Professor R.Samiya of the NUM Department of Biology said, ”Mazaalai is rare not only in Mongolia, but in the world. Thus, every Mongolian has a responsibility to protect the bear. In the conservation of a rare species, it is important to study the reason for its rarity and ways to save it on a scientific basis. It is not easy to study Mazaalai, because it is a nocturnal animal. Therefore, in 2013, we started using cameras for thorough study”    

“36 Mazaalais were recorded in 56 cameras, which we installed last year in 13 points near water areas where Gobi bears come to drink and it gave us a conclusion that the country has now less than 50 Mazaalais,” he added.