International Association for Mongolian Studies opens new branch

2019-02-02 16:59:17

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On February 1, the International Association for Mongolian Studies (IAMS) inaugurated its branch at the Ulaanbaatar Erdem University.


The branch will organize numerous activities towards developing and promoting Mongolian studies among state-run and private universities of Mongolia, cooperating transparently with other institutes, carrying out science researches and projects and organizing short-term training.


At the inauguration ceremony, Secretary-General of International Association for Mongolian Studies, and Director of Institute of History and Archaeology at the Mongolian Academy of Sciences S.Chuluun said that the new branch of the IAMS is significant to expand policy and activities of Mongolian studies and attract both undergraduate and postgraduate students, scientific workers to research works of Mongolian studies based on the capacity of the private universities.


Afterwards, PhD, Academician and founder of Ulaanbaatar Erdem University T.Dorj noted that students of China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and others study in the university. Thus, the center will create opportunities to jointly conduct researches with international universities, promote Mongolia to the world and contribute to the development of the country in direction of Mongolian studies and strengthen the country’s independence and so on.


The IAMS has 36 member-countries and about 800 members including both Mongolian and foreign scientist, 200-300 of whom are active members.