Mongolian Fine Art Masterpiece: ‘Students on Gobi’

2018-11-12 18:42:44

MONTSAME National News Agency in cooperation with the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery is presenting a series of Mongolian fine art masterpieces. This time, we are presenting the artwork, ‘Students on Gobi’ by People’s Painter of Mongolia, State Prize Laureate and State Honored Cultural Figure L.Namkhaitseren.

In 1962, the artist created the artwork on 190:130 cm canvas with oil, depicting hardworking and perseverant students working in Gobi and beautiful autumn scenery.

Back in time, students and youths used to participate in development works in the countryside during their summer vacation. As representative of those youths, the picture shows two men helping the girl to get some water from a well.

The artwork portrays youth strength, power, joy, beautiful scenery of Gobi in a very unique way. Moreover, yellow sky makes the viewers feel like as if they are in Gobi during hot summer days.

Old-society was depicted as the dried and cracked lands whereas the acts of youth: digging a well in Gobi, helping the girl to get water from it and the well water wetting the cracked land represent kindness, foundation of new-society and its development.

A few camels, portrayed on the top-left corner, emphasizes the beauty of Gobi more. Painter L.Namkhaitseren also showed each character with smiling faces, which fills the painting with joy.

The artwork ‘Students on Gobi’ is considered as one of the best pieces by renowned figure of fine arts Luvsansharavyn Namkhaitseren, who was Mongolian first engineer of auto road and bridge and founder of Mongolian jazz music orchestra, and the State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

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