Mongol Digital School project to be realized in Khovd aimag

2018-11-06 17:42:07

Khovd /MONTSAME/ With a purpose to ensure equal access to education by using information technology, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports and Allin Technologies Pte Ltd’ of Singapore signed project agreement on Digital Training.

The project was agreed to be implemented in Khovd aimag first and a training on educating teachers is being held on November 5-7.


The Mongol Digital School project with investment of USD 2 million a year is expected to give its benefit to about 5000 teachers and 10000 students from 300 schools. In scope of the project, modern and special cabinets that have no negative effect on child health will be furnished at chosen schools and kindergartens, providing opportunities for teachers and students to collaborate, learn and develop.