MUST now gives official certificates of Shima Seiki

2018-11-01 15:33:35

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The advanced level course for the APEX 3.3 design system of the Shima Seiki brand knitting machine has successfully taken place at the Shima Seiki training center in the  Mongolian University of Science and Technology’s (MUST) School of Industrial Technology.

Funded by the Export Development Project (EDP), the course was organized by the MUST. It was unique for being the first to be organized overseas with the equipment at the university’s training center. The course was leaded by Hiroyumi Honda, advisor at Total Design Center of the Shima Seiki company.

The aim of the course is to train experts at cashmere manufacturing companies and the tutors at the Shima Seiki training center in DSCS (Digital Stitch Control System) and the Package Software, which are the latest extensions of the APEX design system. As a result, the DSCS system will be used in manufacturing, enhancing not only the quality, but also the productivity of programmers, who learned the Package software method, making it possible for factories to manufacture a new product in a short amount of time.

The closing ceremony was attended by senior financial section specialist at the World Bank, team leader of the EDP Ulle Lohmus, senior specialist of the EDP A.Enkhtuvshin, director of the MUST’s School of Industrial Technology J.Tuyatsetseg, specialist of the Light Industry Policy Implementation and Coordination Department at the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry V.Bolormaa as well as professors of the university.  

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