Mongolia to join World Cleanup Day

2018-09-11 14:02:47
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The World Cleanup Day is celebrated annually on September 15.  The Governor’s Office of Ulaanbaatar, National Recycling Association and JCI Congress will jointly organize the the World Cleanup Day with the support of the Citizens’ Representatives’ Khural of the capital city.

“We have organized the previous clearouts at the capital city, involving the entities and citizens. This time, we will focus on certain dump sites. In this regard, General Manager of Ulaanbaatar city or head of the Governor’s Office of UB city T.Gantumur obliged the district governors to clean up the dump sites of respective territories. The landscaping service companies were also obliged to clean the dump sites of Nalaikh district with certain funding from the Governor’s Office of UB city. We are calling the private sector and citizens to join this action,” said S.Ariguun, senior expert of the Urban Development and Waste Management Department of the UB Governor’s Office.

The JCI Congress youth organization will clean the areas along Tuul river. Governor’s Office of Ulaanbaatar and district authorities will clean up 2250 tons of waste from 80 thousand square meters.

“The World Cleanup Day was founded in 2007 in Estonia. This year, Mongolia joins this day. Individuals, entities, co-workers and friends are being invited to join this movement. Our organization will organize clean ups on six places along Tuul River. Currently, the Mongolian Rotary club, APU Company, Mongolian National Construction Association and the Honorary Consul of Estonia are participating in the activity, supporting with financial and human resources,” said Vice President of JCI Congress Ts.Tuvshinjargal.