Scholars highlight revival of Mongolian language and literature study

2018-08-06 15:20:49
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The first international scientific conference themed ‘Mongolian Language and Literature Study’ was jointly organized by Institute of Mongolian Studies at the National University of Mongolia and Central China Normal University.

Dr. D.Zayabaatar, Director of Institute of Mongolian Studies pointed out that Mongolian language and literature study was stagnant, however, it has been developing intensively since 2015. The Government has taken specific actions on backing Mongolian studies in recent years and we are intensifying works to develop Mongolian studies.

32 scholars and specialists from nine countries such as Hungary, the Republic of Korea, China and Poland delivered presentations at the conference.

In her presentation titled ‘Issues on explaining implicit meanings of Mongolian phrases', Dr.Enkhjargal underlined  the need to know about cultural feature of nomadic herders to understand the meaning of phrases. Practical and theoretical need to explain meanings of Mongolian phrases is arising as people are becoming distant from nomadic culture. Therefore, it will be more effective to explain phrases based on usage of the word and phrases, considering individual's or the national cultural experience.
The scientific conference will be held annually in the future and scholars will develop not only bilateral also multilateral cooperation.