Bayanzag, famous palaeontological site to be taken under protection

2018-06-19 13:29:52
Umnugobi /MONTSAME/ Bayanzag, one of the most famous palaeontological sites in the world, located in Bulgan soum, Umnugobi aimag is to be under protection of cultural heritage.

The world's first nest of dinosaur eggs and numerous dinosaur fossils have been discovered here. The protection area will be divided in two parts: special zone and tourism zone. Within this year protective fences and an entrance gate are planned to be erected around the Shiree shavar site or Ulalzah Tsonj (Flaming Cliff), where dinosaur fossils were found and MNT 227 million will be spent from local budget for the construction and protection works. Other dinosaur fossil areas and ancient settlement areas will be protected as buffer zones. 

There are five tourist camps and five herder families near Bayanzag site, providing services to foreign and domestic tourists this year. In 2018, ancient settlements and areas where dinosaur fossils were found including Shiree shavar will be protected.