Theater of Arkhangai aimag stages children’s musical

Art & Culture
2018-06-18 16:29:39
Arkhangai /MONTSAME/ The Sustainer of Life, children’s musical play has been staged on Musical Drama Theater of  Arkhangai aimag last week. The musical is about water, written by actress of the Musical Drama Theater M.Mungunsolongo and directed by actor J.Nyamdorj. 

The  musical  play for fourth and fifth graders tells a story on loss of wildlife due to misuse of water, the source of earth and life, represented by the main characters of deer, wolf, rabbit, bear, leopard, and fox. Children enjoyed the play, while getting knowledge about how to love their nature, protect water, and properly use it.
The theater plans to make the musical a series of plays in collaboration with the aimag’s authority of Environment and Tourism, and next year’s theme is a tree. The 'Sustainer of Life' children's musical play will be performed in all soums starting from this autumn.