Pupils to be engaged in nature conservation initiative

2018-03-06 10:21:07
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In frames of a new initiative by the Minister of Environment and Tourism, pupils will be engaging in nature conservation through eco clubs.

Minister N.Tserenbat aims to promote nature conservation among the pupils of secondary and high schools through the Green Passport initiative, which will encourage pupils forming eco clubs to carry out 12 activities in a year. Every pupil will receive a green passport on which their activities will be evaluated.

Within the Green Passport initiative, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in cooperation with the Fresh Water Resources and Nature Conservation Center and the Departments of Education and Environment of the capital city is organizing a contest to design a box to store scrap batteries.

A press conference was held on March 5 regarding the contest, which will be held among the secondary and high school pupils in the capital city. “By making scrap battery containers, pupils will learn to adapt a habit of classifying their waste when they dispose it,” said G.Nomin, Director of the Fresh Water Resources and Nature Conservation Center. Participating clubs will have to submit their works before March 15 and the winner’s cash prize is MNT 1 million.

According to G.Nomin, the most active eco club will have an opportunity to exchange experiences with a foreign eco club. “Pupils themselves will determine what they want to accomplish within the initiative,” she said. The eco clubs will have a summit at the Nairamdal International Children’s Camp on March 17.