Some 120 project being implemented with state budget financing

2017-09-21 11:29:17
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Acting Minister of Finance gave a report during the Cabinet Meeting held September 20 about performance of projects and measures, which are being implemented with financing from the Development Bank of Mongolia (DBM), under repayment terms.

Obligations were given to relevant Acting Ministers and the Governor of Ulaanbaatar city to intensify the financing for the projects and measures, and to properly spend the approved money within the fiscal year.

38 projects and measures out of 52 have been completed within money funded from the package of the Minister of Road and Transportation. 12 projects and measures are continuing with performance rates of 10-80 per cent, and two projects have not started yet. As being placed in the Minister’s package, total size of money for the projects and measures is over MNT 101 billion.

The package of the Minister of Energy included 27 projects and measures. Among them, 12 ones were finished, and seven projects are being realized with 74-89 per cent performance.