Six thousand scouts gather for “Go Nomad!” Jamboree

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2017-08-31 11:39:42
The Scout Association of Mongolia hosts the 31st Asia-Pacific Jamboree
On August 2, the largest international children's event ever hosted by Mongolia concluded.  This was the 31st Asia-Pacific Scout Jamboree which attracted some 7,500 participants, including 2,000 scouts from 40 countries, 6,000 scouts from Mongolia and 1,500 volunteers.  According to one of Mongolia’s first scouts Ariunchuluun Gundsambuu , the Scout Association of Mongolia made this gigantic event possible with the goal to re-introduce Mongolia’s nomadic heritage to the world' and in exchange, enlighten children from different corners of the world about a unique way of life and culture. 
On July 28, the scouts gathered for the Jamboree’s opening ceremony at the Nairamdal (Friendship) International Children’s Camp located just outside Ulaanbaatar.  The opening ceremony was addressed by Minister for Education G.Chuluunbaatar, Minister for Labor and Social Welfare S.Mungunchimeg, Director of the Department for Youth Development O.Altansukh, Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Committee Paul Parkinson, President of the Scout Association of Mongolia L.Baigalmaa and representatives of Mongolia’s first scouts.
Also, greetings from Mongolia's President Battulga Khaltmaa, and Ahmad Alhendawi, Secretary General of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), were conveyed. 
In his greetings to open the Jamboree, President Kh.Battulga said “Good evening to all our guests who came here to participate in the 31st Asia-Pacific Jamboree.  The Scout Association of Mongolia, which was established simultaneously with the Democratic Revolution, has now become a globally-acknowledged organization.  The fact that this event involves more than 7,500 children and youth makes it a historic event.  Scout children become the most ambitious, independent and hard-working citizens.  I believe that you, children and young people, will learn much from each other and help each other on the way to prosperity.  I, again, would like to convey my warm greetings to the thousands of members of the Mongolian Scout Association and wish you the best success”. 
G.Ariunchuluun, Mongolia’s first scout and board member of the Scout Association of Mongolia said “I joined the scouts in 1991 when I was 16 years old.  I joined because I liked the uniform very much.  I vividly remember that my mother sewed a tie for me out of a table cloth at that time, because silk and cotton materials were quite hard to find.  I have been working for this movement for 26 years since then.  We gathered 7,500 scouts here today thanks to our hard work”
The inception of Mongolian scouts dates back to March 17, 1991, when 39 children took an oath to be scouts at the Nairamdal International Children’s Camp –. 
“Dear scouts and honorable guests! I would like to extend my warm congratulations to 2,000 Mongolian scouts who were invited from all corners of the country on behalf of the Government of Mongolia.  In today’s world, spiritual development is prioritized more often than intellectual development.  This is a vision to bring up a promising young generation of social ambassadors, who not only excel in academic fields but also Endeavour in all areas of meaningful human life.  Who you surround yourself with is very important to becoming an excellent individual.  The world scout movements have been serving this purpose consistently for more than a hundred years.  Regardless of which countries host the jamborees, children are set to live in tents, prepare their own meals and create their own living environment.  Welcome to our lovely country of Mongolia!” said the Prime Minister in his greetings. 
“I am very happy to have brought together so many international scouts in Mongolia.  We have secured the right to host the 31st Regional Jamboree five years ago during the Asia-Pacific Scout Committee meeting which took place in Bangladesh.  It was a historic moment for the Association, because there might be a hundred years until we gain another ticket to hosting this major event again at home.  Today is the representation of five years of collective hard work of 1,500 people.  I am very satisfied with the organization of this year’s Jamboree”, said President of the Mongolian Scout Association, Ms. L.Baigalmaa during the opening ceremony held on July 28. 
Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Committee Paul Parkinson said “I am very proud of the organizers of this year’s jamboree.  Mongolia boasts a great history.  Therefore our participant children must be intrigued.  When I heard they were holding the jamboree at Nairamdal camp I was truly happy.  Our clear blue skies and green grass just seem like they were made for organizing the jamboree”. 
F.Loginov, a scout from Krasnoyarsk, Russia shared “I have been a scout for five years and I love Mongolia.  The climate is almost the same as it is in my home town.  I am deeply honored to hear the greetings of the Mongolian president himself.  We are living in a tent all on our own”. 
Australian scout Kalita said “10 years have passed since I joined the scouts.  Mongolian mountains are marvelous.  I would say it is a bit colder here than I expected.  Thanks to this gathering, I made many friends with children from Mongolia, Korea, Bangladesh and Vietnam.  It is really convenient for me because many people can speak good English in Mongolia”. 

The jamboree was carried out from one station to another.  The first station was a Nomadic Culture Complex for international participants to get familiar with the nomadic lifestyle and traditions.  The next one was an Adventure Complex, challenging the scouts’ bravery and teamwork skills.
At the third station, the Science Complex, kids were enjoying scientific experiments and increasing their knowledge.  The next stations were Bouncy Island Complex, Social Development Village and Leisure Time Complex, where the participants can enjoy sports games, learn new songs and dance. 
New construction and developments at the children’s camp in anticipation of the Jamboree, such as the Nomad Complex, have also become a great contribution to the convenience of the children to come to Nairamdal in the future.  Twenty additional gers (national dwellings) were erected for the guests to enjoy a miniature Naadam festival, Mongolian cuisine, dairy products of Mongolian making, riding horses and camels, and testing their physique for the national Mongolian wrestling and archery. 
 By B.Amarsaikhan
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