Chinese government aid to go to Ger area re-planning

2017-06-20 13:41:01
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The cabinet of ministers resolved to dedicate the non-refundable aid of CNY 2.0 billion from the Chinese government to restructuring of Ger Districts. The funding project is expected to reduce Ulaanbaatar’s soil pollution by 75 percent.
General plans were approved and had been halted due to the lack of finance. This issue was solved at the regular meeting of cabinet held today.

With the cabinet’s decision, construction works of housing apartments for 32,546 families with kindergartens and schools in 15 locations are resuming. For those ger-area households, who do not wish to move to new apartments, new sub-centers are being established with full access to sewerage and electricity networks. Power and water sources are expected to be solved by eco-friendly means, including renewable energy production and bio-sewerage systems.

It is estimated that, with the establishment of sub-centers, a total of 100-150 workplaces will be created.