Monos – bringing Mongolian intellect to the world

2017-06-16 16:58:28
With annual capacity of producing 350 million pills, 100 million capsules and 2.5 million liquid and powder drugs, Monos Pharmaceuticals company has released a total of more than 90 types of medicines in forms of compressed pills, capsules, powder, liquid, ointment, spray, liquid and gel. There are now over 30 ranges of goods carrying Monos’s brand name. Salimon, the substance for boosting immune system, and Dentamon, the substance for dental care and inflammation, have been awarded the State Prize of Mongolia.
Monos company, already satisfied the ISO 9001 quality management system standards and ISO 17025 laboratory standards, has recently met the GMP standards. Mongolia has been keeping up with other countries in terms of extracting pharmaceutical products from organic sources. It is a long-time vision for Monos to start processing medicines through chemical synthesizing approaches.
Practitioners of Mongolian traditional medicine have a wealthy reserve of intellect that has been enriched with many years of development of medical substances made from roughly 500 kinds of herbs and 2,000 minerals, and of 400 types of medicine originated from animals.
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