"Future Champion" national puppy show approaching

2017-05-19 11:23:26

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A competition of 3-6 month-old puppies of Mongolian national breeds of dogs is taking place on Saturday, May 20, in the National Park of Ulaanbaatar. The competition is named “Future Champion”.

There was a time when Mongolian “Bankhar” watchdogs had been on the brink of extinction. Now there are more than 40 dog shelters that only specialize by this pure national breed of dogs.

Although there are over 500 breeds of dogs in the world, Mongolian Bankhar has not officially been registered as an international recognized dog-breed. Therefore, the Mongolian Research Association on Dogs intends to take tangible actions to include Mongolian Bankhar to the official list of dog-breed of the world.

The Future Champion competition has been made an annual event, so that it will be a platform for the dog-specialists to present Mongolian dogs. 


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