State Department Store shares surge during Lunar New Year

2017-03-03 14:23:55

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ First trade of the Year of Red Fire Rooster was held yesterday March 2. On the “I”, “II”, “III” classifications, a total of 34,844 shares of 21 companies were traded with a total of MNT 33 million 745 thousand 961,00 transaction.  

Specifically, shares of 7 companies have increased while 8 other companies have decreased and the shares of 5 companies were stable. The “State Department Store” company share had the highest increase with 10.93 percent and “Hai Bi Oil” has increased by 7.08 percent.

On this day, the “MSE ALL” index increased by 1.35 percent in 869.59 units compared to the previous trading day and the market capitalization reached MNT 523 billion 305 million 762 thousand 122,00.

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