Morin Khuur-2016 festival winners announced

2017-02-24 14:52:58

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Best music of the 30th annual “Morin Khuur 2016” festival (horsehead fiddle) has announced their winners. “Tenger Ikh Tal” (Grand Plain of the Sky) received Grand Prix award for the Best song of 2016

The song was written by poet N.Bayanmunkh, composed by Sh.Ulziibayar and was sung by E.Ankhbayar, soloist of the State Opera and Ballet Academic Theater.

As for the contest, State Honored artist U.Dalantai's “Gegeen Nutag” (Holy Land) won the first place. It was written by Kh.Chilaajav and composed by T.Ser-Od.

While “Aavtai orchlon” (The World with a Father) song that was written by Ch.Nandintsetseg and composed by Sh.Sugartseren was awarded second place. Third place victory went to a song titled “Iim l saikhan” (Such a beauty) by B.Tsermaa and composed by B.Byambabayar .

Russian Buryat and Kalmykian, as well as Chinese Inner Mongolian artists were competed in this year's contest.