Incentive of MNT55 thousand to be granted for per ton of wheat

2017-02-22 15:29:19

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ To boost wheat production, wheat farmers are granted financial incentives when they provide wheat to national flour milling companies and to the Crop farming supporting Fund or for State Reserve. In today’s cabinet meeting, the Government defined the incentive amount to be MNT55 thousand for per ton of 1st quality wheat, and MNT50 thousand for 2-4th quality wheat, that meet standards.  

Last year, a total of 460 thousand tons of wheat was harvested from 355 ha of planted land nationwide. Out of total 292 thousand tons of wheat that make the grade, 68.5 thousand tons of wheat was provided to the Crop farming supporting Fund, 0.1 thousand tons for state reserve and 224 thousand tons to 33 flour milling companies, allowing to meet flour demand of the country and keep price of flour and flour products stable.

MNT16 billion has been allocated in the state budget 2017 for wheat incentives and 729 individual farmers and companies of 65 soums of 12 aimags are qualified to get the incentive.

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