MP B.Delgersaikhan to donate MNT 100 million to the Government

2017-01-31 14:29:11

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ MP B.Delgersaikhan announced to donate MNT 100 million to the Government to help overcome economic difficulties.

On January 30, the head of the “Ulaanbaatar Audit Corporation” and State Honored Economist titled B.Osorgarav made an estimation on donation to be gathered from citizens of different age groups in order to curb economic decline. According to him, a donation of MNT 214 billion from citizens aged 9-80, MNT 25 billion from high-level officials of the government, MNT 405 billion from private sector entities and approximately MNT 355 billion from off-shore zones are able to be collected totaling MNT 1 trillion.

B.Osorgarav said “Participation of the citizens takes a crucial part in lifting the economic difficulties. By an estimate, 90 percent of the population holds a bank account. If the government lends half of that savings for a certain amount of time, a total of MNT 4.5 trillion can be made available. There are ways to overcome this situation”.

Accordingly, MP B.Delgersaikhan joined the initiative, calling for other MPs, private sector entities and the public.

On that note, MP N.Oyundari stated her intention to assist the government's repayment of USD 580 million. “My husband runs a business. The donating amount will be decided after I discuss with him” said MP N.Oyundari.