Mongolia starts manufacturing steel ball at home

2017-01-30 13:03:46

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Steel ball manufacturing plant was opened at Darkhan Metallurgical Plant on January 28. The plant manufactures steel balls with 100-140 mm diameter by forging method and within this year, steel balls with 60-80 mm diameter will be manufactured using casting method.

Darkhan Metallurgical Plant used to produce steel ball semis of 300-350 thousand tons and export to China, while some mineral processing companies has imported steel balls of USD180-200 thousand annually from China.

“- We are proud that we now can manufacture value added final product. Our plant is the first biggest steel ball manufacturing plant, using hammering method. It has control system and is fully automated, and eco-friendly. Basic facilities and equipment is supplied from German ‘Schuler Group”, which has 177 years of history. When plant with casting method starts operating, the two plants will have annual capacity of 55-60 thousand tons and we will provide some 80 per cent of domestic demand. Therefore, money outflow of USD60 million will be stopped and remain in the country. It is estimated that over 100 new jobs will be created. Our high quality products meet euro standard, allow our customers to save their cost by 15-30 per cent” said Executive Director of the plant D.Batjavkhlan.

The plant expects its new product to be used mainly in Oyutolgoi and Erdenet, copper and gold mine and processing plant. Minister of Construction and Urban Development G.Munkhbayar attended the opening ceremony and said that the Government stated in its action plan that it would boost industrialization and job creation, thus, the Government will support and cooperate with Darkhan Metallurgical Plant. “-Job creation and stable employment is vital. I hope we will supply our steel demand in construction sector fully at home very soon”.

Darkhan Metallurgical Plant was built in 1990 and it owns the Tumurtolgoi, Tumurtei and Khust iron ore deposits. 

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