‘Made in Mongolia’ expo to continue

2017-01-23 16:46:21

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME / ‘Made in Mongolia’ series of expo and business meeting will run this year, announced ‘Anglo Freight’ LLC, the initiator and organizer of the event. The company in collaboration with other relevant organizations organized ‘Made in Mongolia’ series of expo and business meeting twice in the US in 2015 and 2016, involving 20 national companies.

Some 10 thousand people visited the previous expos, purchasing products of USD27 thousand. Moreover, some national companies established business contracts. For instance, ‘Shalure’ US brand made a contract with ‘Gobi’ company to produce its own products made of cashmere and ‘SRB’ LLC found its overseas customer for leather bags.

Encouraged by the results of the expo and business meetings, the initiator company plans to continue the events and by now, it has become clear that ‘‘Made in Mongolia’ expo will run during ‘Fashion world Tokyo’ international fair on April 5-7 in Tokyo and business meetings will be held in Osaka and Shizuoka cities of Japan on April 5-10. The expo also will run in Toronto, Canada and Chicago, USA in September.