Health Minister recommends restrictions related to influenza outbreak

2017-01-09 14:44:23

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Due to outbreak of influenza, Health Minister A.Tsogtsetseg recommends Ulaanbaatar Mayor S.Batbold to take restriction measures including regulating day off of kindergarten, schools, colleges and universities and shortening working hours of public entertainment places or reducing mass gatherings to avoid crowded places.  

The Minister sent an official letter, in which she noted the current situation of the spread has reached the level that requires restrictions. Infection of influenza spread dramatically in the capital, occupying 13-17 per cent of ambulatories cares, 65 per cent of ambulance calls and the capacity of hospitals was overrun by 79.3 per cent. The World Health Organization recommends taking restriction measures, when the spread reaches to 15 per cent of ambulatory checkups. According to the Minister, the influenza epidemic is possibly to continue till February 20.

Seasonal influenza, infecting mainly children, has spread extensively in heavy air polluted Bayanzurkh, Songino-Khairkhan and Chinggeltei districts, and there are occasions of the infection augmentation to pneumonia.

A new faculty for children, with 50 beds is to be opened in Central Military Hospital and more 30 beds will be added to Children’s faculty of the Second Central Hospital. In connection with it, Health Minister requested the Mayor to provide the faculties with two baby breathing apparatus and two breathing apparatus for children.