MNT 50 thousand note won’t be introduced

2017-01-04 10:25:20

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ “Publishing of a new currency note for MNT 50 thousand is not in consideration of MongolBank”, stated a spokesperson of the central bank.

The statement was made in response to unofficial reports that the Central Bank will be publishing a new note for MNT 50 thousand starting from 2017, and circulation of an image of the said note on the internet.

The spokesperson continued, “At present, Bank of Mongolia is putting its all efforts into seeking solutions for overcoming the existing economic challenges and reviving the economy. In comparison to this issue, publishing MNT 50 thousand note isn’t important at all”.

Faked image of the note in concern
Faked image of the note in concern

Thus, the MongolBank denied the alleged reports on the possible publishing of MNT 50 thousand note saying that the reports were unfounded.

“Publishing of a new note is a matter that requires parliamentary discussion and decision. The MongolBank doesn’t make such decision on its own”, said the spokesperson.