Industrial production goes up

2016-08-18 17:29:33

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The industrial production index (seasonally adjusted) was 148.6 (2010=100) in July 2016, showing increase of 18.6 percent compared with the same period of last year, by 13.3 percent against the end of the year and 1.4 percent compared to June of 2016.

In the mining and quarrying sectors, the extraction of products such as crude oil, coal, molybdenum with concentrate, copper concentrate (35%) and gold increased by 3.2-67.5 percent, and in the manufacturing sector, the production of copper (99%), beer, bakery products, buuz and dumpling, soft drinks, milk, alcoholic beverage, sausage, railway sleeper, printing plastic cards increased by 0.6-58.7 percent compared with end of July of the previous year.

However, in the mining and quarrying sectors, the extractions of iron ore, zinc concentrate, fluorspar concentrate, broken or crashed stone decreased by 0.1-41.7 percent, whereas in the manufacturing sector, the production of major commodities such as bread, pure water, wooden building door and windows, cigarettes, lime, sawn wood, cement, articles of iron concrete, medical tablets, vacuum windows and doors, metal steel, metal foundries, steel casting decreased by 5.3-94.5 percent.