Bid Evaluation Committee Result for CW1-2015/40 Bid


The Government of Mongolia has received Loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to finance the “MON2719/0240 Regional Logistics Development Project” inZamyn-Uud, Dornogobi province. For implementation of the project, an invitation for Bids (IFB) for construction of Zamyn-Uud Logistics center was advertised on local newspapers “Unuudur” and “UdriinSonin” and was published at website of the Ministry of Road and Transport (MRT) and ADB on 26 June 2015. International competitive bidding was conducted in accordance with “Single-stage”,“One-envelope” bidding procedure with ADB`s post-qualification and the bid was open to all eligible member countries of ADB. Twenty (20) prospective bidders purchased the bidding document.

The date and time for the submission of bids were not extended and the receipt of bids was closed at 11.00 a.m. (local time) on 12 August 2015 as stated in the Invitation for Bids. The seven (7) bidders submitted their bids.

After examination, evaluation, comparison, and post-qualification of all bids by the Bid Evaluation Committee, bidder number three (3) “China Railway 21st Bureau Group Co,. Ltd /PRC/” has been determined as the lowest responsive evaluated bidder that was concluded to be qualified to satisfactorily perform theCW1-2015/40 works’

ContractNo. CW1-2015/40 between the China Railway 21st Bureau Group Co,. Ltd and Ministry of Road and Transport has been signed on February 01, 2015.

Evaluation results of all bids are shown in appendix 1 and winning bidder`s information is stated in appendix 2.


Ranking Name of Bidder Bid price read out at opening Reason for rejection and acceptance
1 2 3 4
I Bidder 3. China Railway 21st bureau group Co.,Ltd /PRC/ 33,000,313.00 The bidder is determined to be qualified to perform the contract satisfactory.
II Bidder 4. China Railway First Group Co.,Ltd /PRC/ 40,408,840.88 The bid was not determined as the lowest evaluated bid.
III Bidder 5. China Second Metallurgy Group Co.,Ltd /PRC/ 39,683,946.00 Financial resources were not compliant with criteria of 2.3.3 in Section 3 of issued Bid Document.  
IV Bidder 6. China Railway International Group Co.,Ltd /PRC/ 37,727,725.35 Construction experience was not qualified with criteria 2.4.1 in Section 3 of issued Bid Document. 
V Bidder 2. Joint venture of China Volant Industry Co.,Ltd and China Railway 24th Bureau group Co.,Ltd /PRC/ 38,897,857.96 Arithmetic errors discovered by BEC were not accepted by the company. Bid was rejected according to clause 27.1 in Section of issued Bid Document.
VI Bidder 7. Sinohydro Corporation Ltd /PRC/ 70,029,278.35 Bidder didn’t provide clarifications by the date & time set. Bid was rejected accordingly to clause 27.2 in section of issued Bid Document.
VII Bidder 1. HKB International Holding LLC /Mongolia/ 34,858,000.00 Due to submission of incomplete BoQ, bid was not evaluated consequently was rejected according to clause 6.4 in Section 1 of issued Bid Document. 


Appendix 2

Ranking Bidder's ID Name of Winning Bidder Offered Bid Price Duration of the Contract Awarded Summary Scope of the Contract Awarded
1 2 3 4 5 6
I Bidder3 China Railway 21st bureau group Co.,Ltd/PRC/ 33,000,313.00 24 months Civil work


Ministry of Road and Transport.

MON2719/0240 Regional Logistics Development Project