National Savings programme to launch

2015-11-02 18:34:25

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Vice-president of the Bank of Mongolia (Central bank) E.Batshugar and a president of Golomt Bank O.Ganzorig signed a Memorandum of Understanding on National Savings Programme on November 2.

The statistics show that 760 thousand households, out of the total 820 thousand, have no savings. It also suggests that, if one of every three families save 50 thousand Togrog every month, each family will have 13 million MNT and the country’s overall savings will reach 3.3 trillion MNT after a decade. The program is expected to help families to have permanent savings, reducing the risks of economic crisis and maintaining the money circulation in the domestic accounts, as well as bringing long-time efficiency to the economic growth.

In frames of the programme implementation, Golomt Bank is planning to propagandize the importance of having savings and ways of promoting savings, and to support people in this issue through its site and other media.