Local companies display their products for ASEM Summit

2015-11-18 13:20:30

An exhibition called “Mongolian Brand ASEM-2016” ended a few days ago in the exhibition hall at Misheel Expo center.

The exhibition with the motto "Let us welcome ASEM representatives with locally produced products"  will display handmade items,  textile products, souvenirs, jewelry, packaging bags and others produced by over 120 local businesses. The expo aims to promote products and services  of domestic companies and encourage using them for services of ASEM Summit. 

B.Bayarkhuyag /craftsman/

- Carpentry in Mongolia has a long history. We have a unique tradition of carpentry requiring attention to detail and accuracy. Foreigners are very interested in buying antique jewelry.

G.Enkhjargal /Trade manager of “Mergen tour”company/

-Mongolians have developed their own leather processing technologies through a long history. We deliver high quality products to our customers based on global standards. Leather goods  and accessories crafted in Mongolia are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Today Mongolia has set a goal to become industrialized country and has been carrying out a policy to support small and medium enterprises.   

Mongolia has reached an agreement with the EU to export 7000 listed goods at a preferential tax rate. Besides that, Japan and Mongolia have signed a bilateral economic partnership agreement that will expand trade and enhance the strategic partnership. Mongolia and China concluded an agreement on the access to and from the sea, and transit transport by Mongolia through China's territory