Decisions Made at Cabinet Meeting

2023-11-30 16:15:29

Ulaanbaatar, November 30, 2023 /MONTSAME. During its regular session on November 29, 2023, the Cabinet made the following decisions:

Number of Administrative Normative Acts to be Reduced by Half

The Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs B.Enkhbayar briefed the Cabinet of Ministers on the results of monitoring and evaluation of law provisions regarding the authorities provided by law and presented the proposals for measures to be taken.


The monitoring and evaluation included the monitoring carried out in 2023 on decisions registered in the state integrated data of administrative normative acts, report of the working group established by Prime Ministerial Decree No. 133 of 2023, and "Study on law provisions related to the authorities provided by law, carried out by the Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs as part of the urgent task set by the Prime Minister.


There are 437 laws in force in Mongolia and 2,357 decisions of 111 institutions registered in the state integrated data of administrative normative acts. of which the State Great Khural has transferred the right/ authority to approve administrative normative acts to the relevant authorities following 2,493 provisions of 318 laws.


It is not clear whether decisions are made or not according to 850 law provisions that enable the authority to approve administrative normative acts. Therefore, the Ministry concluded that the implementation of authorities to approve administrative normative acts is insufficient, leading to failure to operate adhering to the principle of the rule of law.

Based on the presentation and proposals made by the Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs, the Cabinet decided to reverse some administrative normative acts by Prime Ministerial order, including decisions that are no longer relevant, non-compliant, expired, duplicated, or conflicting with corresponding laws and regulations.


The Prime Minister instructed to reduce the number of law provisions that provide authority by half, such as 642 provisions provided authority to the Government, 919 provisions provided authority to the central state administrative body, and 258 provisions provided to public administration institutions.

Policy measures for winter tourism to be taken from December 1, 2023, to April 30, 2024

Minister of Environment and Tourism Bat-Erdene Bat-Ulzii and Ministry of Culture Nomin Chinbat were tasked to approve of the winter tourism development plan and monitor the implementation.

To develop winter tourism, relevant Ministers are working to organize regular events during winter holidays, improve intersectoral coordination, diversify domestic tourism products and services, offer discount rates, and create comfortable conditions through the public-private partnership.

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