Bulgan Aimag to Plant 1.9 Million Trees in 2023

2023-04-13 10:27:10

Bulgan aimag, April 13, 2023 /MONTSAME/. The Governor of the Bulgan aimag has approved an action plan to plant 1.9 million trees throughout the aimag in 2023 within “One Billion Trees” National Campaign. In compliance with the National Campaign, a number of tasks were mandated to the Governors of each soum, Intersoum Forest Units, and line organizations. The tasks include planting trees, establishing tree nurseries and preparing necessary sites, and providing seedlings to support tree-planting efforts of citizens, enterprises, and organizations.  


According to the Governor's plan, an afforestation initiative will take place throughout the aimag to plant 957.5 thousand trees across 430 hectares of land. Also, the initiative aims to increase urban green spaces and involve graduates of the 9th and 12th grades of secondary schools, who are expected to plant 1.6 thousand trees. Furthermore, 560.5 thousand trees will be planted to establish a windbreak in Bulgan aimag. Mines, spring sanatoriums, and recreation centers will be planting 230.0 thousand trees at their own expense. 

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