Government Services to Reach Every Citizen with the Creation of “Digital Aimags”

2023-03-17 10:35:23

Ulaanbaatar, March 17, 2023 /MONTSAME/. Thirteen percent of the populace who have moved to the capital city wish to return to their homeland. Ulaanbaatar city dwellers would also like to live and work in rural areas. The primary drivers behind this are to increase their employment opportunities, raise their salaries, and improve their quality of life. Chief Cabinet Secretary of Government of Mongolia D.Amarbayasgalan spoke about this at the opening of the national conference “Rural Revitalization Policy” which was held on March 10.

Among the citizens, who would like to resettle in rural areas, forty-four percent said that they would like to return to their homeland, and twenty-seven percent would like to move to other rural areas. By increasing job opportunities and improving working and living conditions, 50-100 thousand citizens can relocate as the first priority.

D.Amarbayasgalan urged the government to prioritize meeting the needs of citizens in the development of the rural areas, and he encouraged local authorities to put it into action and pay special attention to providing opportunities for working and living there by assisting the private sector and citizens, who are resettling, in any way possible. “Today's conference is being held within the framework of the government's "New Revival Policy" to intensify rural development and to present the government's policies, decisions, support, and other assistance to citizens” he said.

Minister of Digital Development and Communications N.Uchral launched the "Digital Aimags" campaign in order to provide citizens in rural areas with access to the electronic system. The government and the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications are evaluating the aimags' needs for digitization. For example, in accordance with state and public information laws, requirements such as meeting the first requirements for information transparency and coordinating with the main state information system for information exchange via the National Data Center are being established.

Furthermore, citizens will have easier access to government services with a "One-stop Service" for aimags and rural areas. Aimags must make better use of this service. He gave the example of how the Uvs Aimag tested a good electronic development solution by launching a mobile application called "Uvs Digital" that contains all of the information about the aimag.

On the sideline of the "Rural Revitalization Policy " National Conference, "Regional Development - Cooperation" and "Migration and Youth Leadership" discussions were held.

The conference presented the concept of regional development and ideas on how to improve regional development and cooperation. Human rights issues were also discussed, as are ensuring the participation of young people in migration in collaboration with the government, citizens, and the private sector.

The conference was organized by the Cabinet Secretariat of Government, IOM Mongolia, Swiss Cooperation in Mongolia, the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce And Industry, JICA Mongolia and the Mongolian Youth Federation.

B. Dulamdorj

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