Four major discoveries made in Mongolian veterinary sector in the last 30 years

2022-06-29 17:16:33

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Under the auspices of the President, a national forum themed ‘Food Supply and Security- Innovation in Science and Technology of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry’ was held.

The country's common goal is to effectively process renewable livestock and agricultural resources to fully meet domestic demand, and produce export-oriented products that replace imports. The government-science-industry cooperation will serve a significant role in achieving the goal.

In the past, Mongolian veterinary scientists and researchers have made four major discoveries in the world science and developed 64 vaccines and diagnostic kits and 72 veterinary medicines.

As a result of agricultural research, more than 100 varieties of cereals, 16 varieties of potatoes, more than 60 varieties of vegetables, 50 varieties of fruits and ornamental plants, as well as more than 40 varieties of oilseeds and other types of plants were discovered and localized. In addition, more than 120 agro-technologies have been developed and introduced into production, such as cultivation and soil protection, fertility improvement, and irrigated agriculture.

The following measures will be taken in the future.

Measures to be implemented in veterinary sector:

•To develop collaboration between national scientists and manufacturers for the production of veterinary drugs, vaccines and diagnostic devices that are possible to be domestically produced to meet the country's demand.

To avoid import dependence

• To restrict the import of the same type of drugs, vaccines and test kits being produced in the native land through economic and other regulations

Measures to be taken in the field of plant protection science:

• To strengthen capacity of laboratories for quality and safety of plants and plant products

To build capacity of research laboratories that identify pesticide and fertilizer residues and concentrations

Measures to be taken in the field of agricultural science

Create new high-yielding varieties of crops in a short period of time by using advanced methods for plant selection, biotechnology, mutations and genome research

• Increase the supply of complete laboratories and equipment that are required to protect agricultural soils and increase the efficiency of agricultural technology research using phytotrons, digital and smart technology solutions;

•To take the collection of genetic resources of cultivated plants under state protection, and expand it as the National Plant Gene Bank of Mongolia

•To develop a national seed farming system

Measures to be taken in the field of food and light industry

• To improve the coordination of research and production organizations in the food and light industry sector, providing support for projects with co-financing,

 To cover the appropriate percentage of the total cost of the project aimed at creating advanced technology and making innovation with the budget on a non-refundable basis