Autumn session of State Great Khural closes

2022-01-19 14:21:24

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ 2021 autumn session of the State Great Khural, the unicameral legislature of Mongolia, closed on January 18.


During its autumn session, the parliament convened 75 times and resolved 243 proposals and parliamentary standing committees held 97 meetings, subcommittees 5 meetings and temporary committees 9 meetings, emphasized Chairman of the State Great Khural G.Zandanshatar adding “The parliament took an important step in implementing constitutional amendments, approving 16 laws and revised laws and ratifying five international agreements and treaties”


He said, “The approval of the Law on Oversight of the State Great Khural marks the beginning of a new stage in parliamentary development. Since the adoption of the democratic Constitution, there have often been overlaps, gaps and contradictions in laws due to inadequacy in the implementation and the alignment of laws. I am confident that this law will be an important step in solving that.


Individual role is key to successfully implementing laws meanwhile finding, proposing and appointing the right person is an important component of governance. Therefore, with the adoption of the law, we have introduced regulations on hearings on appointments, which require that a public hearing be held to appoint an individual who meets the knowledge, skill, and ethical requirements for the post. This makes it possible to appoint office holders under the supervision of the public,”


“Moreover, the parliament passed the Law on Public Information Transparency and the Law on Personal Information Protection, requiring 68 types of information in five categories be transparent and updated all times. In particular, transparency will be ensured with regard to information about why any bidder was selected or not in state bids and whose child studied where at what cost. The state building code commission’s reports will also be transparent. These changes are expected to improve justice and accountability and ensure equal rights for citizens. Moreover, the changes include a clear definition of personal information and a legal framework for its protection. 


The Law on Electronic signature is of great significance in the digital transition to becoming a ‘Digital Nation’. In the past 10 years, electronic signatures were issued to only 30 thousand citizens, which were used solely for bidding.

The law was approved for wider, daily use of the technology. It opens up opportunities for citizens to adopt electronic signatures when they conclude contracts or when they submit requests or complaints”


The speaker stressed that during the 2021 autumn session the parliament passed the Law on Cyber Security, the New Revival Policy, and the 2022 State Budget of Mongolia, which have an important role in implementing the ‘Vision-2050’ long-term development policy. 


Incidentally, the parliament shall convene on not less than 75 weekdays during a regular session in accordance with an amendment to the Constitution of Mongolia in November 2019. Now, the parliament’s autumn session begins on October 1 and the spring session on March 15. The parliament will discuss 89 draft laws and resolutions in its 2022 spring session. 


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