D.Amarbayasgalan: MPP will work for building a fair society that respects and protects human rights

2021-12-02 18:24:38

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The ruling Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) has scheduled to convene its Congress on December 6-7. The congress agenda includes a discussion of a major policy document on human rights.


In its platform for the parliamentary and presidential elections, the MPP put a number of goals related to human rights and stated to implement the Advanced policy to protect human rights and enhance legal environment. MPP Secretary-General D.Amarbayasgalan has announced that the party has completed basic studies under the theme ‘Human Rights Situation-Pressing issues- Solutions’. The party also has compiled more than 150 studies on human rights, previously carried out.


As of today, 797 laws exist in Mongolia. The MPP in collaboration with a research team has studied 11900 provisions of 318 laws, which are commonly used, and discovered 800 provisions that violate the human rights. To eliminate the violations and bringing the human rights to a new level, the MPP is working to develop the major policy document and the policy document draft is planned to be discussed at the 30th Congress of MPP, according to Mr.D.Amarbayasgalan.


“As the ruling party, we will work more actively for building a fair society that respects and protects human rights. More efforts should be made in order to build the developed society that highly respects and protects human rights in Mongolia. Specifically, there are many issues related to human rights protection that have not been legalized. It is the first time that a ruling party takes such initiative,” highlighted MPP Secretary-General D.Amarbayasgalan.

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